Nursing Home Negligence

Dunlap and Chattanooga Tennessee Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Placing a parent in a nursing home can be difficult. No matter how careful you are in selecting the right nursing home, there is always the possibility of negligence and abuse. Today, nursing home abuse is even more common with an aging population, overcrowded elder care facilities, and the nursing home industry’s desire for profit.

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Signs of Tennessee Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse

How can you tell if nursing home abuse or negligence is taking place? Information from the nursing home resident is often an obvious and excellent source for learning about abusive or negligent behavior. Unfortunately, many residents are unable or reluctant to discuss any negligence or abuse. Therefore, we are providing some of the more frequent signs of neglect or abuse in nursing home facilities:

  • Bed sores – also referred to as pressure sores or decubitus ulcers; they are typically found on residents who are fully or partially incapacitated and come from not being moved into another position for a prolonged period of time
  • Dehydration and starvation – failure to adequately hydrate and feed the resident
  • Medication errors – including wrong medication or wrong dosage, as well as failure to administer medication
  • Broken bones and bruises – indicating falls, abuse, or improper restraint
  • Unexplained or suspicious injury or death – can occur from a variety of causes involving inadequate care
  • Heavy medication – over-medicating residents as a substitute for providing proper care for the residents
  • Withdrawn or abusive behavior – could be a sign of emotional or verbal abuse

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