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Real Estate Transaction Attorney DaytonUsing a legal real estate transaction attorney may frequently avert difficulties that aren’t obvious to someone who doesn’t have the related legal experience. Developers, investors, brokers, and residential and commercial property owners are all clients of our legal firm. Hire a skilled Dayton Real Estate Transaction Lawyer to help you with your complicated real estate matters. In some instances, a dispute might need to be resolved in a Dayton, TN court.

Our services cover a wide variety of topics, including title issues, contract violations, tenant evictions, residential or commercial contract reviews, easement issues, foreclosures, and rescinded contracts.

Services for Real Estate Transactions

In real estate transactions, we serve both buyers and sellers. Are you a Buyer who has uncovered information that was not disclosed at the time of purchase and would have influenced your choice to acquire the property if you had known about it? Have you been accused of fraud, misrepresentation, or failure to disclose a property you sold? Whatever problem you’re dealing with, we’ll go at the entire transaction, the law that pertains to your situation, and provide you advice on how to proceed. The services we cater to include but are not limited to:

Purchase Contracts

We can assist you in setting conditions for this legally enforceable agreement and drafting a purchase agreement that safeguards your interests and rights. Earnest money, contingencies, settlement date, possession date, escrow, delivery, warranties, and other clauses can all be negotiated.

Commercial Leases

Having the appropriate commercial lease or the incorrect commercial lease may make or ruin your company. Commercial leases have fewer legal rights, therefore business owners should always check the conditions of a lease before signing it. Among other things, our firm may negotiate usage and exclusivity restrictions, terms for changes and enhancements, and common area expenses.

Tenant-Landlord Litigation

Tenant-landlord disputes can occur in both commercial and residential settings. Disputes may be expensive, resulting in losses for landlords, tenant evictions, and other fees. Our law office assists clients in resolving landlord-tenant conflicts and protecting their rights, as well as assisting them in recovering any damages.

Due Diligence

You must conduct due diligence before purchasing any real estate. This is a time-consuming and in-depth process that can use a lot of resources. Our firm performs due diligence on potential real estate transactions to ensure that our customers are aware of all aspects of the property, including any potential dangers.

Disputes Over Easements

Many properties come with easements, or owners negotiate with neighbors, utility providers, and other parties to get easements. It’s critical to thoroughly comprehend any easements and their ramifications, as well as to recognize when you or someone else has surpassed an easement’s scope.


It is critical for owners to own their property free and clear of liens, and for buyers to be informed when a possible property has a lien. Because it might be difficult or impossible for a buyer to receive standard financing for a property until all liens are paid off, this is an important issue to address early in the process.

Transactions Involving Both Real Estate And Business

Our real estate transaction lawyer assists businesses of all sizes and types with a wide range of legal issues. At our firm, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle transactions involving both real estate and business concerns, such as the simultaneous selling of a business and commercial real estate.

Commercial Transactions

Owning or selling commercial real estate may be a rewarding investment. However, there is a large degree of danger involved, and buyers, owners, and sellers all take precautions from the start to minimize their risk. We monitor every step of the transaction to ensure that commercial properties are transferred in the most advantageous way feasible.

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