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Dayton Adoption AttorneyAdopting a child is not just a public declaration of a family’s emotional commitment, but it also involves a unique legal and financial connection. If you are considering expanding your family by adopting a child, you will undoubtedly have a lot of questions. The Dayton Adoption Attorneys at Elizabeth Greer Adams Law Group work with potential parents, stepparents, grandparents, and others to assist children of all ages to find loving homes and stable families. We can help you through the whole process, even if you are currently working with an agency.

Types of Adoptions

While there are various types of adoptions, most people and couples who want to adopt don’t need to sift through a long list to discover the one that best fits their family’s needs and personal preferences. Different adoption kinds are best suited to different situations, thus knowing your wishes and requirements is all that is required to choose the correct form of adoption. However, if you have any concerns regarding the various forms of adoptions available, our Dayton Family Law Attorney would be pleased to go over your options with you in detail and assist you in making an informed decision.

The following are some of the most common types of adoption in Tennessee:

  • Adoptions by foster parents
  • Adoptions by grandparents
  • Adoptions from other countries
  • Adoptions of relatives
  • Adoptions between strangers that are not related
  • Adoptions by same-sex couples
  • Adoptions by stepparents
  • Adoptions of special-needs children

Biological and adoptive parents have the choice of choosing between “closed” and “open” adoptions in many cases. The original mother and father have no contact with the child after the adoption in a closed adoption. The identity of the respective parents can be kept private, and the adoption procedure can be completed without any interaction between the parties.

In an open adoption, the biological parents are involved in the lives of the adopted kid. The extent of this position can (and should) be carefully established in a written and signed open adoption agreement, with the rules of biological parents’ interaction indicated. Open adoption can be the best option for all parties involved in the proper circumstances, and if you’re thinking about it, we can help you understand and select amongst the various options for structuring biological parents’ interaction with your adopted kid.

Best Interest of the Child

Many families in Tennessee choose to adopt a child via the TN Department of Children & Families. To be regarded as a Foster or Permanent Parent, a process known as a “Home Study” must be completed. This procedure is thorough to confirm that 1. the family is a good match for an adopted kid and 2. the family completely understands the adoption duties.

The procedure begins with a 27-hour, largely informative training phase. Families are educated about the life of children who are available for adoption, as well as the many challenges that might occur in adopted children, such as emotions of grief, separation anxiety, and identity issues.

A representative from the Child Protection and Permanency Agency will next pay the prospective parents a visit at their home. This is basically to see whether the family home meets safety requirements and as a safeguard for the adopted children.

Potential adoptive parents in Dayton, Tennessee must be able to satisfy the child’s physical and emotional requirements, as well as be in excellent bodily, mental, and legal health.

The law requires that when selecting adoptive parents, an approved agency utilize the child’s best interests as a criterion. Of course, this is an arbitrary standard. Furthermore, while an adoption agency may not make a distinction in the selection of adoptive parents for any child solely based on age, gender, race, nationality, religion, or marital status, these factors are taken into consideration in deciding whether placement or adoption is in the best interests of the child.

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