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Dunlap Adoption LawyersAdoption may be a difficult process, so having an experienced Tennessee adoption attorney on your side is essential. The assistance of an adoption attorney may lessen the strain of your adoption journey, from endless paperwork to emotions of insecurity and the responsibilities of new parenthood. Having legal help and counseling, apart from the attorney to represent the adoptive parents, is also important for birth mothers during this difficult transition phase. Our Dunlap Adoption Attorney handles all elements of adoption law, including relative, stepparent, and second-parent adoptions, and feels that meticulous planning on both sides is the key to a successful adoption plan.

Adoption: An Overview

Adoption is the process of replacing one or both of a child’s biological parents with someone else. Following the adoption, the new parents are legally recognized as the only parents and have the same rights and duties as any other parents. Contact an adoption lawyer at our office if you want to start a family via adoption or if you’re thinking about giving up your parental rights.

Rights can be terminated voluntarily or involuntarily. The birth parent willingly relinquishes his or her parental rights by consenting to the child’s adoption. Parental rights can be terminated involuntarily for a variety of reasons. For more information, contact our Dunlap Adoption Attorney at our firm.

After the rights to the child or children have been terminated, the kid or children can be adopted. Adoptions come in a variety of formats. Speak to our family law attorneys to learn more.

Adoptions by stepparents

Stepparent adoption is a highly prevalent type of adoption. This is a highly popular type of adoption since one of the biological parents has remarried to someone else, and by doing so, they have chosen to embrace the child’s responsibilities as their own. In most circumstances, the stepparent has already played a significant role in the child’s life, and becoming a stepparent is only a legal formality.

Adoptions by Public Agencies

Public agency adoptions are similar to private agency adoptions. Usually, the Department of Human Services and the foster care system are involved. In many cases, the birth parent’s parental rights must be terminated involuntarily. The kid will be placed in a foster home during the termination procedure. The kid might then be put up for adoption after the termination. Often, the adoption will take place right after the termination. This procedure can take a long time and may include appeals and other complex judicial procedures.

Adoption through a Private Agency

A private agency adoption is the next most popular kind of adoption. Typically, a birth mother contacts an adoption agency, which matches her with prospective adoptive parents. In most private agency adoptions, the birth mother has a voice in who adopts her child, and in most circumstances, the adoption is open adoption, meaning the birth mother may watch the child’s growth and development and perhaps spend time with the kid and the adoptive family.

International Adoption

When a couple or individual seeks to adopt a child from another country, they are known as international adoptive parents. This is more frequent today than in previous years due to the increase in immigration.

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Adoptions are happy occasions in one’s life. Not only would the addition of a child to your family offer you joy and fulfillment, but it will also provide security and comfort to a youngster who is in need. Thousands of children are adopted each year by American families, and the laws of the adoption process have gotten increasingly complicated over time. Adoptions involving children entail several processes, and problems can — and often — occur.

When parents try to handle the adoption issues on their own, it’s not uncommon for them to feel frustrated and hurt. A skilled Dunlap Adoption Attorney at Elizabeth Greer Adams Law Group can guide you through this delicate and time-consuming procedure, as well as give legal support should difficult laws and lawsuits arise. Call us to speak to one of our Tennessee adoption attorneys. Our Dunlap phone is (423) 949-3621.