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Whether you live in Tennessee or were involved in a truck crash while driving through Tennessee, personal injury attorney, Steve Greer offers you over 40 years of experience in suing for and collecting millions of dollars against trucking companies and their insurance companies.  We have recovered some of the largest awards in Tennessee for personal and death in trucking accidents.  We have represented victims injured in trucking accidents on the state highways of Tennessee, as well as interstate highways such as I-24 and I-75 that pass through nearby Bradley, Hamilton, Marion, Grundy, and Coffee counties Tennessee.

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Tennessee Truck Accident Claims Are Very Complex: Experience Matters

Truck accident claims in Tennessee are complex. If you were involved in a truck crash or tractor-trailer wreck, you should engage an experienced lawyer who understands the complexities of a trucking accident claim.

For example, there are many parties that could contribute to a Tennessee truck accident. Failure to include one of these parties could jeopardize all or part of your claim and prevent you from receiving all the compensation you deserve.

The following parties are some examples:

  • Truck driver – A truck driver could be at fault for driving more than the legal amount of time permissible and getting fatigued or for driving the rig recklessly or causing a truck crash while on drugs or alcohol.
  • Truck cab owner – A truck cab owner is sometimes the truck driver, but not always. The truck cab owner has a duty to inspect the equipment on the truck cab and make sure it is properly maintained. Failure to properly inspect or repair the cab, including tires, brakes, lights, and other parts, could cause a trucking accident.
  • Truck trailer owner – The truck trailer owner is usually a company and is not always affiliated with the truck cab owner. Like the truck cab owner, the truck trailer owner has a duty to properly inspect and maintain the truck trailer.
  • Truck loaders – The truck loaders have the responsibility of loading the truck. Failure to properly balance the load, to properly secure the load, or loading over permissible weight limits could cause a load shift or overloading and cause or contribute to a trucking accident.

Other potentially liable parties include:

  • Improper background check for the company that hired the driver
  • Highway and roadway designers
  • Truck and truck parts manufacturers

Handling major trucking accidents many times requires the use of accident reconstruction experts. We have access to and used the best accident reconstruction experts in the Southeast in a variety of cases to help us prevail against major trucking companies and insurance companies for seriously injured clients and the families of those killed in trucking accidents.  Through our experience and expertise, we have recovered record amounts for severely injured clients and the families of persons killed in trucking accidents.

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