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Dunlap Family Law LawyerWhen it comes to family law, dealing with matters on your own may be difficult and daunting. The scenario may become considerably more complicated and unpleasant when kids are involved. You are entitled to the assistance of a competent and trustworthy team to safeguard your rights and secure the best possible conclusion in your case.

We all know how difficult it is to put a price on the emotional toll they cause. The legal concerns underlying family law cases are extremely complicated and take a long time to resolve. Choose a Dunlap family law attorney that can help you sift through your issue with compassion and the objective of guiding you to a better future when your family is experiencing a difficult family law case.

Family Law in Tennessee

Tennessee Family Law is the practice of resolving any legal issues that may emerge from the relationships between couples, parents, and kids. It is made up of a complex collection of statutory and procedural laws aimed at successfully resolving potential conflicts while also safeguarding the rights and dignity of the family Many various scenarios are governed by family law, and our legal firm represents clients in a wide range of family law cases, including:


Uncontested divorces in Tennessee can take as little as 2-3 months, while contested divorces can take considerably longer. The length depends on the intricacy of the problems, the couple’s amicability, and each attorney’s approach. When things need resolving, you can also talk to a Dunlap mediation attorney.

Visitation and Child Custody

We recognize the significance of safeguarding your child’s safety now and in the future. The courts in Tennessee assess custody arrangements by determining whether the proposed arrangement is in the best interests of the kid or children. Our Tennessee family law attorneys build their cases on this best interest analysis and statutory factors, all while ensuring that your family’s unique situation and your child’s unique needs are considered.


Families sometimes find themselves in need of a different arrangement about the things decided in their MDA as their circumstances change (Marital Dissolution Agreement). Adjustments are normal post-divorce, although they may be complicated at times. Modifications might be as simple as wording adjustments or clarification, but they can also be considerably more difficult.

Rights of Fathers

A father’s loving presence in a child’s life has a significant influence on the child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. Experts agree that children who have a positive relationship with their fathers have a better chance of achieving happiness and success as adults. Allow a qualified family lawyer in Dunlap to assist you.

Divorces involving high-net-worth individuals

For either partner, divorce is complex and emotionally draining. It may also be financially damaging for either party, particularly the relationship’s provider. The more assets you own, the more you risk losing them.

Spousal Support and Alimony

Alimony is a legal requirement for one spouse to financially support the other spouse in Tennessee. If alimony or spousal support is necessary, the trial court has considerable authority to determine the form or type of alimony, the sum of alimony, and the length or term of support payments.

Protection orders

An Order of Protection (OP) in Tennessee provides victims of certain forms of abuse with a barrier from their abusers that exists outside of the criminal justice system. Although OPs are useful, obtaining them might be difficult.

Military Divorce

We have handled divorces involving military people and their spouses before. Although military divorce processes are quite similar to civilian divorce procedures, some extra considerations influence the outcome. If the active-duty spouse is stationed in a remote place or overseas, for example, the case will most likely be postponed until the active-duty spouse is no longer unavailable due to his or her military service.

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Whether you’re going through a divorce, need to modify or enforce current divorce agreements, or want to prepare for the future, our experienced attorneys can help you get there. To book a confidential appointment with Elizabeth Greer Adams Law Group in Dunlap, Tennessee, call (423) 949-3621 immediately.