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Dunlap Real Estate Transactions LawyerOur Dunlap real estate transaction lawyer work in a variety of areas of real estate law in Dunlap and throughout Tennessee. We handle all forms of real estate transactions, including contracts of sale, leasing agreements, term negotiations, litigation, and a variety of other complicated issues that arise throughout a transaction. Using a Dunlap real estate attorney may frequently avert difficulties that aren’t obvious to someone who doesn’t have legal experience. Developers, investors, brokers, and residential and commercial property owners are among the clients we serve. Hire one of our expert attorneys to help you with your complicated real estate transactions.

Real Estate Transaction Issues

Our services cover a wide variety of topics, including title issues, contract breaches, residential or commercial contract reviews, easement rights, foreclosures, evictions, and revoked contracts. The following are further explanations of these transactions:

Commercial and residential contracts – Analyzing residential or commercial sales contracts may assist in negotiating the purchase price, securing a mortgage, and reviewing conditions of the sales agreement such as disclosures to check for any repairs that need to be handled. Preparing deeds, seeking appraisals, title search, title insurance, and property transfer are all parts of an attorney’s involvement in a real estate transaction.

  • Quiet title – A judicial proceeding to establish a title or remove a cloud on the title is known as a Quiet Title. It can also be an action that clears a tax title or titles that are based on adverse possession.
  • Unlawful Detainer – Unlawful Detainer is a legal action taken against a renter to reclaim control of real property.
  • Breach of contract – A violation of any of the terms or conditions of a contract in default or non-performance is referred to as a breach of contract.
  • Easements – A right, a privilege, or an interest that one party enjoys in the land of another is known as an easement.
  • Fraud – Fraud Misrepresentation is the deliberate misleading of another individual to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Foreclosure – In the case of a default in payment or conditions, foreclosure is a practice in which pledged collateral for a debt is sold to settle the amount.

Examining the Title to a Property

Reviewing the title of the property to ensure that it is free of any faults is the most important step to take when buying real estate. When an attorney examines a property’s title, he or she will look at every previous transaction involving the property to see if it was transferred legally. If there was a previous wrongful transaction, the present owner may not have the legal authority to transmit the property, rendering any transaction void.

It must also be established whether the property has any outstanding encumbrances, judgments, or liens that would allow a creditor to seek redress from anybody who purchases it. In some situations, a buyer may be obliged to obtain title insurance to safeguard their interest as well as the interest of any lender from whom the buyer borrowed money to purchase the property if a flaw in the title is discovered later. In the Dunlap region, a qualified real estate attorney can assist you in reviewing the condition of a property you are interested in acquiring, detecting and correcting any concerns that may generate a future dispute or responsibility. In addition, as qualified title insurance agents for Old Republic Title Insurance Company, our attorneys may issue owner’s title policies and lender’s title policies if title insurance is requested or necessary.

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If you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate, be sure any possible concerns are ironed out before proceeding with such a significant transaction. Elizabeth Greer Adams Law Group‘s skilled Dunlap real estate attorneys are experienced in conducting real estate transactions and closings in Tennessee. We have the skills and experience to assist you in successfully completing a home or commercial property transaction.