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Family law matters are typically very emotional, and a family mediation lawyer may assist the parties in working through their differences and reaching an agreement without the need for judicial interference. Because the parties are allowed to address their differences without the need for further court hearings or trial preparation, family mediation can be a cost-effective solution to your family law conflict. Mediation allows the parties to address their disagreements willingly and privately, reducing the emotional and financial stress that family law proceedings can cause.

What is Family Law Mediation, and how does it work?

Mediation is a sort of dispute resolution. It’s a mechanism for parties to resolve their disagreements without having to rely on a judge’s decision. In a typical mediation context, the mediator, who is objective and neutral, facilitates discourse between the parties and their lawyers in the hopes of aiding the parties in resolving.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Family Divorce Mediator In Dunlap?

The following are some of the advantages of Tennessee divorce and family law mediation:

Authority of the result — Instead of a judge imposing an order based on a judge’s limited understanding of your unique circumstances, family law mediation allows couples, former spouses, or parents to control the conclusion of their family law matters via dialogue and compromise. Mediators for divorce cases are there to help the parties resolve their disagreements and to advise them on how to mediate their cases.

Expense — In most cases, the mediation method saves family law clients’ money compared to traditional divorce and family law litigation. During the mediation process, most family law parties prefer to be represented by a family law attorney. Some parties, however, cannot afford private counsel and choose to proceed with mediation without one. Even when both parties employ independent mediation and divorce attorneys, the expenses of family law mediation are often less than those of traditional litigation.

Timing – Mediators can usually fit mediation sessions into the parties’ schedules and complete them quickly. Evenings and weekends are available for some family law mediators! In contrast, judicial mediation programs or a Family Court trial are usually arranged months in advance and around the work schedule and hours of the judge or court-appointed mediator. Private family law mediation allows for a considerably faster settlement of family law matters in Tennessee.

Unbiased — In a complicated case involving high income, high assets, or complex support issues owing to self-employment or otherwise, the parties usually hire their teams of specialists, such as forensic accountants, financial planners, vocational experts, and Dunlap real estate appraisers, and actuaries. The parties agree on or allow the mediator to pick the team of essential experts throughout the mediation process to avoid duplication of costs and an unpredictable conclusion from the dueling specialists.

Potential contact — It is unavoidable that when family law clients have children, they will have contact in the future. Most people feel that if the parties can reach an agreement on their family law concerns, they are more likely to be able to work together in the future in a way that is good for the children. In a mediated settlement agreement, neither party feels deceived, therefore they are less likely to have bad sentiments toward the other parent in the future.

Discretion – The mediation procedure takes place in a private legal office where the family law clients are treated with total confidentiality. Our family law mediation clients are not exposed to the spotlight of a hearing in a public courthouse, where anyone may see the parties’ court proceedings in most cases.

Confidentiality — Dunlap family law mediators will keep all personal information learned during the mediation process, as well as any mediated conversations, secret, and will not reveal any information learned to the court or anyone else not involved in the mediation process.

A Dunlap Family Mediation Lawyer Will Defend Your Rights!

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