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Dunlap Car Accident LawyerYou may be unsure what to do after a car accident. While attempting to recover from your injuries, you are faced with high medical expenses, trouble working, and excruciating pain and suffering. You may be eligible for financial compensation if you were recently injured in a vehicle accident in Dunlap, TN. To make things simpler, you’ll need a skilled Dunlap Car Accident Attorney who understands how to win cases.

Insurance providers, it is often assumed, have teams of attorneys and adjusters who begin examining your injury claim straight away, so it is critical to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible if you are injured in a car accident. You should never go up against insurance companies on your own.

Auto Accident Claims of All Types Are Handled By Us

Car accidents can have a variety of causes, but irrespective of what caused your accident, you have the right to hold the irresponsible person responsible for your losses. As a result, different sorts of vehicle accident claims might have various challenges. You should always consult with a Dunlap Car Accident Attorney who has handled cases similar to yours before. Our team has experience with a wide range of vehicle accident injury cases, including:

  • Hit and Run accidents;
  • Rear-end collisions;
  • Commercial truck accidents;
  • Bicycle accidents;
  • Drunk driving accidents;
  • Rollover accidents;
  • Distracted driving accidents;
  • Motorcycle accidents

In Car Accident Cases, Who Is at Fault?

The fault must be established for your Dunlap accident claim to be successful. The investigation into the collision by your Dunlap Car Accident Attorney will decide who is responsible in your case. You could assume that the motorist who hit you was at fault right away. This is often the scenario, such as when a motorist is inebriated, tired, distracted, drunken, or violent.

Other parties, on the other hand, might have had a role in your accident. If any of the cars involved had parts that were recalled or stopped functioning in some manner, the parts makers and automakers might be held liable for your losses. Furthermore, if the roads themselves were harmful in any manner, such as a misplaced road sign or a large pothole, the government agency may be compelled to reimburse you.

In any case, your car accident lawyer in Tennessee will file claims against any parties who may have been involved, allowing you to restore your life without fear of financial ruin.

Damages That Can Be Recovered

The financial compensation you may be able to receive in a car accident lawsuit in Tennessee will be determined by the specific circumstances of the case and the insurance policies that are available to compensate you. You can seek compensation from the person or corporation who caused your injury for a range of losses, including:
Lost Earnings—If you lose money because of missing work, you may be entitled to compensation for your lost wages and economic losses.

Pain and Suffering – Non-economic damages may be claimed for the physical pain and emotional suffering you experienced because of your accident.

Medical expenditures—Compensation for the cost of your doctor’s and hospital bills to date, as well as physical therapy, rehabilitation, medicines, and other medical expenses.

Future Medical costs—Some major injuries need years of care. You have the right to seek reimbursement for both future and current medical expenditures.

Punitive Damages—In exceptional circumstances, punitive damages may be sought to penalize a wrongdoer for intentional or malicious action.

Contact our Dunlap Car Accident Attorney

Victims of car accidents are entitled to full compensation for their losses. Sadly, proving that the at-fault motorist is responsible for your crash can be difficult. Insurance companies are always seeking methods to minimize a victim’s financial compensation, and in certain cases, they may simply refuse legal claims.

Work with an experienced Dunlap car accident attorney at Elizabeth Greer Adams Law Group if you require legal assistance following a car collision. Our team will work tirelessly to create a strong case against the parties responsible for your accident. To address your issue, call (423) 949-3621 in Dunlap.