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Dayton Family Law LawyerFamily law troubles have a huge impact on your life. With informed and compassionate counsel, a tough situation like divorce may be made less stressful, and you can go forward with more confidence and financial stability. We will go through the specifics of your case with you to ensure that you have a complete understanding of your position and that you have the sympathetic, professional, and diligent representation you require during your family law matter. Battling for your rights is just one aspect of our family law practice. A Dayton Family Law Attorney at Elizabeth Greer Adams Law Group will provide you with the knowledge you need to properly understand your options and work with you to get the outcomes you want during these trying times.

Family Law Practice Areas

Family law is a large and complicated legal field that includes a variety of areas of expertise. All of these practice areas have one thing in common: they all deal with our most intimate connections, such as those with the children and spouses. Learn more about the various practice areas that make up family law in the sections below and we practice:


Divorces are one of the most popular types of cases in family law. A divorce includes:

  • Establishing a spousal maintenance order;
  • Establishing child custody and child support orders;
  • Ensuring that the couple’s marital debts are divided appropriately according to Tennessee State law.

Our family lawyer can assist you with every element of your Dayton, Tennessee divorce, including difficulties such as locating hidden assets and determining the value of a small business. He or she can also assist with the enforcement of existing divorce orders, such as spousal support orders.

Custody of Children

Although child custody issues are frequently associated with divorce, a couple can receive a child custody arrangement without ever marrying. Child custody refers to a parent’s legal authority to make legal choices on behalf of their child, such as where the child will go to school. Parenting time is another aspect of child custody, which is a timetable devised by a Tennessee court to ensure that both parents spend meaningful time with their children.

Child support

Child support is money paid by one parent to the other to assist pay for their children’s upkeep. Child support is typically, but not always, included in a divorce settlement, similar to child custody. If you have a child support order and your former spouse is not paying, your family lawyer can assist you in obtaining the funds you require.

Modifications to Court Orders

A couple’s original divorce decree may no longer be relevant for their requirements months or years following their divorce. When this happens, the couple’s court orders might be changed to reflect their new circumstances. This is where modifications come into play in your family law matter.


Adoptions are also facilitated by several family lawyers. Adoption is a difficult process with its own set of regulations and procedures for each form of adoption. If you’re thinking of adopting your stepchild or bringing a new kid into your family through adoption, our experienced family lawyer can guide you through the process.

Paternity Matters

To assign legal parenting, it’s often required to determine a child’s biological paternity. A parent cannot enjoy certain rights and privileges, such as custody time with a child or the ability to seek child support, unless legal parentage is assigned. Our attorney can assist parents in establishing paternity for their children so that they can enjoy their parental rights.

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In challenging situations, family law plays a vital role in defending fundamental rights. While family law can embrace the most joyous aspects of life, it also plays a critical role at the most terrible times: when loved ones pass away, when partners and parents divorce, or when the family unit is subjected to violence or abuse. Aggressive advocacy and sympathetic legal counsel are especially important in these situations.

At Elizabeth Greer Adams Law Group, our family law attorneys strive to provide extensive and customized counsel and representation tailored to each family’s unique circumstances to assist clients in navigating challenging situations and achieving their goals of healthy and safe relationships. You may need help navigating your family law matter. Reach out to our law firm to get the answers you need. Contact us at the number below or fill out our convenient online contact form.