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Dayton Family Mediation AttorneyIndividuals must usually deal with some of the most sensitive events in their lives when it comes to family law. Parting ways after establishing a life together isn’t simple, from deciding how to divide property in a divorce to deciding who will raise the children. While some couples can handle typical divorce difficulties without the help of a third party, others are unable. Mediation may be a realistic alternative for these couples. At Elizabeth Greer Adams Law Group, a Dayton Family Mediation Attorney can explain the mediation procedure to you and help you fight for your rights during a  divorce, child support or custody matter, or even adoption.

Family Mediation

Family mediation, also sometimes referred to as “collaborative law“,  is a form of alternative dispute resolution targeted at supporting families in settling legal conflicts.

Mediation is a neutral, private conflict resolution procedure intended at supporting families and couples in settling their differences. A Mediator conducts a Family Mediation that is impartial and balanced in their approach to the parties and their disagreement. During the Mediation process, the parties are urged to speak honestly with one another and work together to settle their issue. Mediation is an entirely voluntary procedure. Any party to a Mediation is under no obligation to accept any settlement proposal made by the other party.

The Mediator’s job is to help the parties in resolving their disagreement. During the mediation process, the Mediator will assist the parties in identifying the points of contention. She will facilitate talks on the points of contention. She will also encourage the parties to consider alternative approaches to resolving their disagreement. All resolutions in Dayton, Tennessee Family Mediation case must be oriented toward satisfying the child’s best interests. Family mediators must have a thorough awareness of the dynamics that govern families, as well as the vital role that diverse role-players play in the child’s life.

A Family Mediator may not participate in a case in which she has a financial stake in the result. The reason for this is that she must maintain an impartial and unbiased attitude toward the parties and their disagreement at all times. A Mediator may neither take sides with one of the parties nor may she act as a judge and impose her verdict on the other. A Mediator who is also an attorney may not represent the Parties in court, and a Mediator who is a psychologist or social worker may not provide counseling to the Parties. Ideally, a Mediator should urge the Parties to get an independent legal opinion on any concern they may have about their case during the mediation process, and especially before completing the agreement they reach.

Mediation Advantages

Mediation can take many various forms, but normally, each party will have a private meeting with the Mediator during which he or she will be able to communicate their wishes and desires without fear of the other party’s reaction. Following their individual sessions with the Mediator, both parties will meet with the Mediator for at least one combined session. Couples can discuss any matter connected to their divorce or other family law dispute, including financial ones, in private mediation.

People commonly choose the Mediation process over traditional court action for a variety of reasons. Most significantly, any agreement reached through mediation is between the parties and not dictated by a court or attorneys. As a result, Mediation participants may become more committed to ensuring that the agreement works for all parties involved. Mediation is also frequently a more cost-effective option than litigation.

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If you and your partner/spouse divorce or separate, you will have a lot of legal concerns to deal with. You’ll very certainly have to deal with issues like parenting, child custody, financial support, equalization, and family property split. Mediation helps the parties to communicate openly to find a more efficient and successful conclusion. A Dayton Family Law Attorney at Elizabeth Greer Adams Law Group can help with anything from dividing assets and finances to determining the living arrangements for children involved in a divorce or separation. Contact us today for more information on Family Mediation or to schedule a consultation to explore whether Mediation is correct for you.